Rules on Closing Your Swimming Pool In Canada

Rule 1: You must not throw away chlorine tablets.

If you are using chlorine tablets as a winter chemical, it is better to switch to a liquid solution. These tablets can clog sinks and damage pool surfaces.

Rule 2: You must not use floats.

Of course, to clarify the first rule, you can use floats. They are used to balance the water and ice that forms on the roof of your pool. You can also get telescopic pool enclosures at

Never use floats with high oxidizing content. It can stick to your pool wall. What's worse is that it can stain your main pool.

Rule 3: You will drain the water.

Drain pool water under the mouth of your skimmer. The water in your skimmer throat is expelled when it is lowered. Water frozen in your throat can damage your skimmer.

Rule 4: Use a vacuum cleaner in the store.

Shop-Vac is used to remove water in your pipes. After the water is drained, put the plug in the plumbing at the end of the pool.

Rule 5: Make sure to cover up.

According to this rule, every pool owner must use a winter pool cover. They serve as protection from falling debris, heavy rain, and snow. Spread it out and cover your pond.

Rule 6: You Will Drain.

Drain water from the filter apparatus. Make sure your skimmer doesn't contain water. Don't forget to drain your pump too. After emptying, start the pump so that water flows out of the impeller. Leave it open for a few seconds.

Remember that you must be rewarded for each rule. When winter ends, your above-ground pool will be ready for use. If you stick to them, your pool will be beautiful and create a sparkling effect.

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