Safety Precautions During A Demolition

In this article, we have discussed some of the safety tips while demolition project handling. You can get more tips and information on construction labour hire via The precautions before and during cancellation are as follows:

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  • Before starting unloading, as well as during the performance of such work, all cables or electrical devices that may represent a source of danger other than the cables or devices used for the demolition work must be disconnected.

  • During the demolition process, work must be under constant supervision of wreckers or experienced craftsmen.

  • Unless expressly agreed otherwise, demolition will be carried out floor by floor, starting from the roof and descending.

  • Crushed material should not be on the floor or structure if the weight of the material exceeds the safe load-bearing capacity of the floor or structure and this material needs to be stacked or arranged so as not to endanger workers or others as soon as possible. removed from the construction site unless approved by the construction inspector.

  • Unless it is completely wetted, the powder material shall not be thrown out of the building or dried but lowered by means of lifting or removed from the channel of the material.

  • No walls, chimneys or other structures or parts of any structure may be left unattended or stored in a condition which may collapse due to wind or vibration or become dangerous.

  • Protective supports should be installed where necessary to protect against hazards to life or property or if required by the building inspector.

  • After the work is completed, the site inspector will be notified that the work has been satisfactorily completed.

  • No mass excavation or site leveling forms part of this demolition permit.

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