The Right Age To Start Weight Training

Bodybuilding competitions are held for boys who are as younger than 13. Are they too young? Like every other subject, there are many opinions from both sides. Certain experts suggest that 13 is the ideal age to begin a weight-training program while others believe there is no harm in any way.

A lot of experts agree that under the proper supervision when the child is old enough to start playing organized activities, he or she has reached the age to begin "strength training" by performing push-ups sit-ups, and other similar exercises. You can get stunt training classes via

However, for our purposes, I'd like to focus on "weight training" by using free weights and/or machines, and not the typical exercise classes.

Boys typically begin to take an interest in enhancing their bodies around the time that they reach the puberty stage (12-13 an age). It shouldn't be a surprise, as that's the point at which they begin to show masculine traits, their bodies start to change and change and they start to be fascinated by girls.

The consensus appears to suggest that males should put off starting an exercise program that involves weights till they are puberty around 13. However, even at that point, there are certain precautions to be considered, for medical evaluations to be first performed; proper supervision by an adult is crucial as is the need to ensure that form is stressed when lifting weights or reps as well as all major muscle groups must be considered, and any signs of injury should be checked before continuing with the program.

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