To Know About Online teaching resources

Everything depends on the teacher. Teachers should choose carefully while choosing teaching materials to share with the students. There are many online tutoring resources available, which will help students to learn in a more efficient way.

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Here are some free teaching resources.

Alphabet Books – Alphabet Books are extremely helpful for children aged 5 and 6. The alphabets are written in a colorful way that attracts children's attention.

Picture– Picture books include pictures related to the topic. Picture books can also be used by children as young as 5 and 6. The colorful illustrations in these books are sure to attract children. The books are easy to comprehend for children.

Conceptual– These books provide students with the concept and explanation of many things, including the concept of far and near and the concept of heavy and light. These books are very appealing to children because they provide visual representations of facts.

Rhyme– Rhyme books are useful for students who need to learn how sentences are constructed. Students enjoy the humor of rhymes and find them amusing.

Multiplication Chart – The Multiplication Chart helps students read multiplications and remember them.

General Knowledge– These books provide basic information and knowledge about the world around us.

Time Concept – Time Concept books have random images of analog clocks. Students are asked to determine the time according to the images.

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