What Is The Difference Between Normal CNG Kit And Sequential CNG Kit?

Today, here in this post we will discuss the difference between normal CNG kit and sequential CNG kit. We will also discuss the most important question i.e. Is CNG kit bad for engines? So, read this post carefully and make sure you did not skip any point.

  1. Difference Between Normal CNG Kit And Sequential CNG Kit
    • The major difference between the normal CNG kit and sequential CNG kit is the availability of the sensors and the ECU.
    • The amount of CNG flowing into your engine is managed by the ECU which provides an outline to the sequential system over the normal CNG kit.
    • A conventional CNG kit is a normal setup where there is no computer or ECU to manage the movement of gas into the engine.
    • A Sequential CNG kit can be set up on the cars having an electronically controlled fuel injection system only.
  2. Is CNG Kit Are Bad For Engines?

No, CNG is not bad for your car’s engine. CNG empower you to run your car at a much affordable price. Most of the reputed car brands in India like Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai are providing company fitted CNG in their cars. We have also seen from the sale stats that the company fitted CNG cars are sold out in much higher numbers than the petrol or diesel cars.

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