What is ‘toe jam’?

Toe Jam is not a medical diagnosis or a clinical term and it is a name for that annoying stuff that accumulates in between the toes that jokes are frequently made regarding this. Even so, everyone do need to take this seriously because once in a while it can cause problems. The accumulation between your toes is made up of a number of things including the debris from shoes and hosiery, particularly if they may be brand new, the dead skin cells and flakes, dust, sweat along with other debris that we get exposed to. Toe jam might have the consistency like a light cheese and vary in color from a white to a dull brown. It will most likely develop more within the darkish and moistened tight areas between toes, particularly if footwear is worn all day long. A cheese like foot odour could develop by microbial breakdown of your skin cellular material. The microbes mostly the reason for that cheese like aroma is the Brevibacterium linens micro organism. Interestingly, this really is the bacteria which is utilized in certain cheese production operations. This disorder is way more common in people who live in moist and hot climates, those who's feet perspire a lot more such as sports athletes, those who wear closed-in shoes, anyone who has poor foot hygiene and do not inspect their feet, those who don’t thoroughly clean their feet on a regular basis and who do not dry out between their toes. Some vocations for example the ones that require closed in shoes or boots in hotter environments could also increase the risk for this. If the problem is not managed there are a variety of problems which may occur, which include microbial and also fungus infections. The skin might macerate and splits may develop in the skin between your toes. Several problems may appear comparable to toe jam and when this does become a difficulty, then a proper assessment is usually necessary to find out this. This can include things like corns between your toes along with a number of microbe infections.

The easiest way to deal with toe jam is by using good foot hygiene procedures which entail regular bathing and cleansing between your toes and also drying out between your toes which will stop the accumulation with the items that result in the condition. Clean absorbing hosiery really should be used every day and changed following physical exercise to help you soak up perspiration. When possible, use footwear which will allow the perspiration to evaporate or pull away moisture content from the foot. Individuals with a sweaty foot disorder might need to take on more precautions, for example using absorbent insoles and hosiery. Any fungal infection needs to be addressed with anti-fungal creams. Special consideration must be given to people that have difficulties with self care if they have troubles with movement or eyesight. Advice will need to be provided to carers and/or family members about carrying out self-care as well as practising good foot health. There are a selection of commercially accessible foot washing aids and brushes which can be used to accomplish this. Most importantly, toe jam just isn't severe, however you must take it seriously especially if you have something such as diabetes mellitus as it may lead to more complications.

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