Why Black Truffle Salt Rocks?

The ultra-rich, creamy, delectable taste of black truffle salts defines true Black Truffle. Made using only the finest Pacific Ocean Sea Salt, this exotic salty treat elevates simple culinary creations to gastronomic feats. Rich with Truffles, Nutmeg, and other spice additives, this versatile dish is often served as an appetizer or side dish. This highly-refined gem is also an ideal inclusion in many fine dining establishments due to its nutty, vanilla, and chocolate notes. When savoring this dessert, be sure to also sample the scrumptious chocolate truffle ice cream that accompanies it!

The earthy, nutty flavor is due partially to the black truffle sea salt used. Also known as "dry ice" by many New Age cooks, the salt gives off a subtle aroma reminiscent of marshmallows. This earthy taste pairs perfectly with a wide range of cheese including Gouda, Provolone, and even Colby. Pair the earthy flavor with fish, pork, and lamb for some truly decadent flavors.

The high smoke point of black truffle salt creates a deeply flavored product that penetrates deep into your taste buds. Along with the intense aroma, texture, and flavor, the salt also has a tendency to burn your nostrils if you happen to breathe too hard while melting it. Try this technique with minimal risk of burning your nose, hold the nostril tip close to your mouth, and inhale the air while the salt is melting. You will notice a unique sensation in your nose and throat.

Along with the unique flavor comes the intense, long way of flavor. This is where it gets more interesting. Truffles have a higher smoke point than most foods so even though the salt is melting, it doesn't release its flavor until the cooler temperature of the oven arrives. By this time, most people will already be aware of the strong aroma of the truffle that has been melting away all day. The long way of flavor continues because as the salt releases its flavor, the moisture from it saturates your taste buds and your palette to provide yet another powerful burst of taste.

Although this may sound like a great idea, you shouldn't use truffle salt on its own as a seasoning. Because of the high smoke point, it should only be combined with other ingredients in order to enhance the taste of the finished product. In addition to this, using this type of luxurious spice will also tend to oxidize once exposed to heat so you would not want to use it in a baking situation where you need to keep the baked goods at a constant temperature.

There are many recipes out there for black truffle salt. Some of these involve the use of smoked turkey necks, which would be cut into strips to be seasoned with the salty and earthy flavor. Another great combination would be to use truffle salt with ham hocks to create a hearty-flavored hock soup. This dish would then be served with crispy pasta tossed with a light sauce of olive oil and lemon juice.

To round off our discussion on truffle salt, let's discuss the black truffle salt. Unlike its white counterpart, this salt goes well with a wide range of meats. Best of all, this salty flavor goes well with a wide variety of wines, cheeses, and desserts. The unique characteristic of black truffle brings out a distinct flavor that is distinctly different from other forms of sea salt. Due to this unique characteristic, this salty form has become an important addition to the world of salty flavors.

So there you have it. A brief explanation of the black truffle salt, its history, and the reasons why it's among the best salts available. Now that you're fully aware of this wonderful salty, what's your plan of action? Head down to your local grocers and spice stores and start picking up some black truffle salt to take along with you on those long road trips!

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