Working Of Cryotherapy Chamber

Make no mistake about the terminology used in the umbrella, it is much more than just a word or a technique.

Let's take a look at what to expect from a full body cryotherapy treatment.

Full body cryotherapy

Full body cryotherapy uses a special cryotherapy room, also known as sauna cryotherapy. It releases a controlled mist of liquid nitrogen and chilly cold air to rapidly lower one's body temperature. People can also opt to Cyro Chamber Recovery in Cyprus at Poseidonia Healthcare.

While the head and neck remain outside the cryotherapy sauna, the person's feet and upper body are locked indoors at room temperature outdoors and exposed to temperatures as low as -140 ° C for 3 minutes, which stimulates the nervous system through sauna cryotherapy to cool the skin receptors.

Like ice packs, cryotherapy chambers work on joint pain, stiffness, and swelling, but the effect is immediate, strong, and permanent.

How does sauna cryotherapy work?

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Exposure to dry cold air causes a physiological response in the body. The skin then reacts to protect and nourish the body by diverting oxygen and nutrient-laden blood to the main organs to help maintain the body's base temperature.

This natural response involves reducing blood flow to the skin, reducing inflammation, and causing hormonal changes that are believed to benefit health, fitness, and weight loss.

If you enter survival mode within this very stable three-minute period, the regular immune processes increase and thereby strengthen the immune response.

After leaving the cryotherapy room, the blood vessels relax and the enriched blood returns to the skin, creating adrenaline and endorphins. People who come out of a sauna for cryotherapy often say that they feel very aroused and are looking for good endorphins to distribute during the detoxification process.

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