Automatic Identification System For Transponders

The Automatic Identification System (AIS) is designed to be able to provide information about the ship to other ships automatically and to coastal authorities.

With the help of the Automatic Identification System you can get data about the position, speed, and course of a ship. Which enhances the safety of the lake for you and all the people using this system.

Automatic Identification System

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Carriage requirements for ship navigation systems and equipment according to the type of ship – navigational equipment is mounted on the ship.

The IMO approved a new obsession for all ships to carry Automatic Identification Systems (AIS), which automatically provide information about the ship to other ships and coastal authorities.

The regulation requires the AIS to board all ships of 300 gross tons and not be involved on international voyages upwards, cargo vessels of up to 500 gross tonnes, and upwards on international voyages and on all passenger vessels irrespective of size.

Ships fitted with AIS will maintain the AIS at all times, except where international agreements, regulations, or standards provide for the protection of naval information. AIS systems for the sailing community are currently undergoing a similar approval time.

The regulation requires that AIS shall:

  • Obtain such information automatically from similarly fitted vessels; Monitor and track ships;

  • Exchange of data with edge-based features.


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