BMW 335i Tuning Options

Thanks to technology, BMW 335i tuning options are bountiful. If it seems like every Tom, Dick, and Harry is selling tunes for the BMW 335i these days, it is because they are.

This can be both a good and bad thing. Good because of the mass of tune variations; bad due to the fact that not every tuner truly knows what they're doing. To know about bmw tuning you can visit

Although, when all is said and done; there are really only three ways to go about tuning a BMW 335i. One could buy a brand new ECU that has already been flashed with a tune, a software cable to flash a tune to the ECU themselves, or they could have a piggyback unit installed that would eliminate any need to flash the ECU.

ECU w/Tune

The most common way to tune a 335i is by purchasing an ECU (BMW DME) that has already been flashed with a new software tune.

Buying a tuned ECU is also the easiest to install considering it only involves unplugging the old ECU and plugging-in the new one. However, even though it may be the simplest route to adding extra performance, it is also the most time-consuming.

Software Tuning Cable

A software tuning cable eliminates this agonizing wait by providing the 335i owner a way to flash a tune to their ECU themselves.

All that a 335i owner would need is the cable, a laptop, and internet access to receive tune files. The majority of the time, flashing an ECU is as simple as opening a tune file and uploading it to the ECU.

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