How To Fix High LoL Ping

If you consider yourself a League of Legends gamer, I'm pretty sure that you have suffered from lag. But do you know what it is or what it consists of? Well, in this guide I am going to explain everything. The meaning of lag is nothing more than an excessive delay in real-time. This may be due to high latency on the network, or it may be caused by insufficient processing power on the destination server or client with which communication is established. Let me explain it to you, in terms that you might understand. In brief, it may be the fault of your computer or your internet connection. To check your LoL ping, you can use a website like Ping Test Live. It will show your exact ping to each League of Legends server.

Let’s understand the meaning of the terms ping and latency. Latency is the time that your computer takes to respond to a request sent by another computer. And the ping is the test that we conduct to measure the latency. Ping is commonly used to check for network errors. Performing a ping test is a very simple process and it can be very helpful to diagnose network-related issues. Let’s say you want to measure your LoL ping. When you start an LoL ping test, your computer sends some data packets to LoL servers and it will wait till the packets return. The waiting time is your latency.

If you want you can measure your ping to almost any website using your terminal. All you need is the address of the website that you’re pinging to and you are good to go. Final ping results can be used for many purposes. For example, a fast or low latency ping indicates that connection is stable. Higher latency may be a sign of a network issue. Keep in mind that latency results also vary greatly depending on the geographical location of the server, host or IP address to which the request is sent.

Now, let’s see how to minimize your LoL ping. There are several ways to minimize the ping in League of Legends. First, you can try connecting to a LAN network. And also, your LoL ping will reduce if you have only one device connected to the network. This is because if there are two connected devices, it will cause a delay. If you can close your background tasks while playing LoL, you will see a great improvement because this frees up your bandwidth.

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