Know More About Sneakers

Sneakers or shoes have gone a really long way from being just a couple of comfortable footwear. You probably even have loads of pairs to stock a whole closet. These days many runners and athletes are also looking forward to sport sneakers. Sport sneakers provide and maintain the comfortability of a sportsperson. To know about sport sneakers visit

You can't be charged for the extravagance, though, particularly nowadays when the shoe is engineered to maximize support and functionality for every type of physical exercise imaginable.

There was a season when leather shoes were supposed to be the end-all of style and comfort until familiar brands released custom footwear that traded sleek designs in favor of efficiency. Now you'll see celebrities carrying basketball shoes and sneakers everywhere, even to formal galas and red carpet events.

The Rubber Sole of Sneaker Technology

The sneaker started out as an offshoot of an unlikely product: the bicycle tire. Manufacturers eventually realized the importance of firm grip to foot friction, incorporating the rubber bottom to beach footwear.

The first pairs moved out in England in the early 19th century, earning the nickname of plimsolls and gathering a small following. Sports companies like Spalding eventually caught wind of the idea of creating shoes for athletic events, at the turn of the 20th century and with the renewed interest in recreational sports.

The first Olympic Games of the century probably spiked market interest and introduced the sneaker as the footwear of choice for athletes.

Ergonomic Design

When the First World War came to a sobering conclusion, the public found recreational sports and community activities a noble cause and diversion.

These increased the demand for footwear which serves the purpose, and brands like Keds and Converse stepped up to meet the need. This period saw the exponential growth of the sneaker industry, overlapping the sectors of media, business, and the arts like never before.

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