Toddler Bedding Is Fun and Useful

Toddler bedding is fun, useful and a great way to go green. There are more than enough choices available to create a very exciting, yet safe environment for your toddler. While it's true that the majority of toddler bedding products are child-safe, there are some brands of toddler bedding that are not child-safe.

The two big names in this area are Mossy Oak and Cloth Baby bedding. These two brands are made by the same parent company, but there are distinct differences between the two in terms of quality. Mossy Oak toddler bedding may be made with an 'excellent-like' fabric, while Cloth Baby bedding is made from a 'baby-safe' material. Neither of these bedding brands are child-safe, but what is the difference?

One thing to look for, according to childrensspace when you are looking for girls toddler bedding that is made from natural materials is whether or not it is made from 100% recycled materials such as organic cotton or mossy oak. That said, Mossy Oak is by far the most environmentally friendly brand of toddler bedding. They have no chemicals added to their fabrics, and they buy only from responsibly managed forests and farms. This translates into a product that is not made from materials that could be damaging to our earth and that is also incredibly comfortable.

The Cloth Baby product line from Baby Accessories is very similar to Mossy Oak, except for the fact that they purchase only from organic cotton farms. They do not use any chemicals at all. Their bedding is made from a fabric called eco-friendly Fleece. This fabric has a thick, soft feel that will make any toddler feel safe and secure at night. While it is not a 'real' baby blanket, it will certainly keep your child warm and cozy and it will keep baby snoring to a minimum.

There are several other manufacturers who offer toddler bedding made from 'all-natural' materials that are not child-safe. For example, although this is sold as 'eco-friendly' on the label, Little Baby Bedding and Cotton Fit are both made from a synthetic material which is not able to absorb moisture and can result in suffocation if your toddler sleeps on it in an enclosed space. Also, this brand of toddler bedding doesn't absorb moisture, so it's very important that you keep a baby-safe crib mattress away from the toddler bedding.

There are a few other factors that you should consider when purchasing toddler bedding. For example, fleece toddler bedding is made from a 'dull' fabric. It will not retain its heat for long, so it is important that you know the age and weight of your child before you buy it. For those who are extremely active, this type of toddler bedding may be just right, but for toddlers who spend a lot of time in the same room as their sibling, this may be a bad choice.

Make sure that the toddler bedding that you choose is at least one-third heavier than the average baby. All the manufacturers of toddler bedding that we've spoken to say that the average bedding size for a newborn is between thirty-six and forty-eight inches in length. So, if you're getting a bedding for a newborn, it's important that you measure your child's height and width to get the bedding that fits.

Finally, be sure that the toddler bedding you choose is of high quality. Try to find one that is made from natural materials that are not harmful to your child. With these considerations in mind, you should have no trouble finding a bedding that is sure to please.


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